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Virtual Social Media Manager

  Robo Post: Powerful publishing tools make it easy to create your business post and create related your business post and videos and share content across multiple social networks with one click.For Ex: Whenever there is a festival like Ganpati or Christmas or There is an international Yoga Day, your virtual friend will post greetings to your customers on social media , email, sms etc

  Content:Content discovery feature find useful content & video for your business from worldwide and Content creation creates useful post and share content across multiple social networks

  Social Media Marketing: Low-cost marketing strategy, Steer traffic to your website, Share information about your business to world, Raise brand awareness and promote positive word-of-mouth

  Social Integration: "Sign up for offers through Facebook" option to capture leads automatically & use their network for marketing.


  Broadcast to all Channels: When you want to send offers or updates across multiple channels just enter info and click send. Your update will be sent to all channels i.e. Website,FB,Twitter,Instagram,SMS,Email together.

  Schedule Broadcast: You could even schedule broadcast updates to save time. Easy marketing solution for busy professionals.

Virtual Graphics Designer

 Web site & Social media.: Creates Launching image for launching web site & social media.

 Social Media Posting: Creates Branding image for social media posting.

  Event/Festivals Occasions: Creates Customized image for Event/Festivals Occasions.

One Click Website

  Live Online Instantly: Just fill up simple form and your website is online in seconds

  Dynamic website: Change anything on the website in real time

  Design: World class, attractive designs, compatible across all types of device like Mobile, Tab, Laptop etc

  Responsive & User Friendly: Easy to use, Responsive & User Friendly fluid grid layouts, scales to any size

 Basic Setup with readymade Content & Graphics automated

 Onpage & Offpage SEO Automation , Google Keywords, Search Visibility, Google Analytics.

Customer Relationship Management & communication

  Data Mining: Once a prospect is on the website, we make sure to capture his info, through Enquiry Form & Sign up with Facebook option

  Lead Management: Ensure that the leads generated by the campaigns are immediately tracked & followed. Lead multiplication through references & content marketing

  Communication on the Go: Market your offers or keep in touch with your clients easily, using bulk Email & SMS functions



Google off page SEO & Adverts.

Social Media Marketing on Facebook, Linkdin, Instagram.

Reporting on ROI weekly basis.

 SMS Packs

 Unique Design Graphics, Customize Graphics

 Content writing

 Training sessions

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1. Do I need to be a web designer or a technical person to change or create my website using Dfizz.com?

Answer : No! We have made Dfizz.com for you and you don’t need to know anything technical. Just fill up a simple business info form and Dfizz.com will take care of website setup, CRM, and social media marketing automatically!

2. Whose gonna write or post content for me on social media?

Answer : Robo Post which is a part of Dfizz.com will automatically create post using useful content from around the world and post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc while you focus on your business offline.

3. What is CRM?

Answer : Market your offers or keep in touch with your clients easily, using bulk Email or SMS functions. CRM ensures that the leads generated by the campaigns are immediately tracked & followed. Lead multiplication through references & content marketing.

4. Is this any extra cost for all the features?

Answer : Absolutely not! What you see in "Pricing" section is only what you have to pay for using all the features of Dfizz.com

5. Will I get assistance to set up my account or website or in case I need any help using Dfizz.com?

Answer : We are always here to help you. Helpline No: 9168616555, Time: Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM, Email: info@dfizz.com. We will solve your problems or help you out within 24 hours!

6. Why would clients come to Dfizz.com to see my information/listing?

Answer : You will get your own website on your own domain name. Example- If you have Real Estate business, client will contact you on realestatexyz.com