Customer Relationship Management & Communication

Once a prospect is on the website, we make sure to capture customer’s info through Enquiry Form & Sign up form. We ensure that the leads generated by the campaigns are immediately tracked & followed. We track lead multiplication through references & content marketing and market your offers or keep in touch with you easily, using bulk Email & SMS functions.

What is the purpose of CRM?

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Features & Benefits

Data Mining

Data Mining

Customer Relationship Management tool is used to organize, automate, and track business processes like sales, lead generation, marketing, forecasting and customer service. It allows enterprises to predict future trends.

Lead management

Prevent potential or current customer issues from going unheard or unaddressed. Maintains a lead list in which you can automatically upload your lead data using excel sheet. You can send bulk email & bulk sms on regular basis to get connected to your leads and customers.

Lead management

Communication on the go

Decreases costs by improving efficiency of interaction with customers. We analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, with the goal of improving business relationships with customers, assisting in customer retention and driving.

The Result of Our Work

Go Crazy Adventure needed an effective website with crm tool to get the most success from visitors. We build top quality websites that will keep visitors engaged.

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Business Growth