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  1. What is

Answer : Digital & Social Media Marketing Automation. You don't need web developer or social media agency or any software, all you need is It is a software, which is a combination of CRM, graphics designer, social media posting, bulk email and sms, responsive website etc.

  2. How does Dfizz software work?

Answer : A basic information form is provided, which the client has to fill according to their business. Once the form is filled your business is ready to be online.

  3. How registration is done?

Answer :Visit, click on sign up, enter basic details, read terms and policy, click on accept terms and policy, click on next. Package values will be displayed, read each package in detail and select one according to your business’ growth. Follow the payment procedure. You will receive an otp, enter the otp and verify. You will receive an invoice with all the data of your registered account.

  4. Does Dfizz provide service?

Answer :Dfizz is a product, no service is provided. If any extra service is required by the client dfizz provides an option of add-ons which is payable.

  5. Do we need to hire a person for handling Dfizz software?

Answer :Dfizz is an automated virtual marketing manager. No person is required to handle the software. A form has to be updated every 15 days for effective social media posting, which can be done by owner itself or the manager.

  6. Would we get an assistance to set up account in case they need any help using

Answer :We are always here to help you. Helpline No: 8830169310, Time: Mon-Fri, 10AM-5PM, Email: We will solve your problems or help you out within 24 hours!

  7. How does handles the social media marketing. Will the automation help us receive required no. of customers?

Answer :Robo Post is a part of which will automatically create post using useful content from the form where the data is feeded and post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. , while you focus on your business offline.

  8. What If, we already have a domain name?

Answer :Dfizz will create your website using system with that domain name itself.

  9. What if we already have a website?

Answer : A . Dfizz software will provide you with a responsive website too, so it’s your decision to use either of the websites.
B .You can give us the domain details of your current website and our experts will help you with the same.

  10. What is the difference between traditional and digital marketing?

Answer :With the help of traditional marketing you wil have high overheads and no guaranteed profit. And with the help of digital marketing you will have low overheads, high profit, global recognition, increased visibility.

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